University Application Process

Brave enough to apply for University – at your age?

“Brave enough to apply for University at your age? Will you even get in when you’re competing against all those youngsters?”

Yep, this is exactly what somebody said to me when I mentioned that I’d applied to study for a degree at my age – honestly – you’d think I was seriously ancient – I’m 45 – which fair enough is more than 27 years older than most people on my course but I didn’t let that bother or intimidate me at any stage of the application process. And if you’re a little more mature than the average applicant you shouldn’t let it deter you either, we really do have an awful lot to offer.

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Returning To Education

Hello! My name is Jen Grant, this blog is all about my journey back into education as a mature student.

The story begins with a dinner date with my husband last summer. At that point our eldest son had just left home and our youngest son‘s life was full of school, friends and rugby. Our own business, which I had worked in for most of my life was thriving and needed less input from me – as such I was feeling slightly redundant on all fronts.

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